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Michele Castagnozzi (Korimi Art)

Michele Castagnozzi is an electronic engineer, born in Italy in 1968, in a small mountain village between Campania and Puglia. His passion for photography begins at the age of twelve, when his grandparents give him a reflex camera. Nature, animals and the passing seasons are his main subjects. But, it was at the age of twenty-two that a decisive change took place, and he created a new concept of monochrome photography.
During his chemistry course at the university, Michele had the opportunity to observe how colors change tone in contact with moisture and when exposed to varying light intensities; this is particularly noticeable in black and white photographs - the white is transformed into a kind of yellow and the black into a very dark violet. Between these two "new" colors is a chromatic range ranging from blue to red and green.
It is this experience that is at the origin of the "Korimi" style that Michele now cultivates and which he has developed with the help of his sister Raffaella, a painter, who has identified the primary colors necessary to reproduce the chromatic style of the old black and white photographs. It is by superimposing these primary colors that Michele obtains this result. The "red Korimi" is inspired by the Malian photographer Seydou Keïta.
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