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Image Quality

We take great care in selecting each of our images and ensure that we are displaying the best image quality possible on our website.

However, image quality of our end products (canvases or posters) depends on the type of camera our contributors used to take each photograph.

In general:

a) A DSLR and film camera will have high resolution, and therefore produce higher image quality.
b) A compact camera will have medium resolution, and therefore produce medium image quality.
c) A camera phone will have lower resolution, and therefore produce lower image quality.

Image Content Cropping

The content of each image will vary according to the style and size of the product purchased. Photographs may be cropped to appropriately fit each product offered on our site.

Please remember to consider variances in image content cropping when purchasing our products.


We will issue a refund on all damaged products.

We will not issue a refund on any product that has a description which clearly states the camera type used to capture that image.

We will not issue a refund on any product that does not align with personal preferences on image content cropping.