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What is This?

A lot of sites have an “About Us” section. Sure, we could dive into our story — who we are, how we got started, etc. — but none of that matters. What matters is why we’re doing this. What matters is the idea.

Photography isn't an art or a hobby. Photography is a philosophy, through which we capture those moments that make us take notice of our surroundings and turn them into something tangible. Photography is a romance that is unique, personal, hypnotic and kinetic all at once.

But photography is also hard work – it takes patience and perseverance. It takes the resolve to get out there, stand in the mud, get a bit scraped up, and look a little weird doing it. But that same resolve allows for that one unique angle, with that one streak of light, to make it worth it.

We believe in the power of photography and in the dedication it inspires. And we know that with the bloom of social media, cell phone cameras and affordable technology, professionals aren’t the only ones taking cover-worthy pictures. StormyColor showcases photographs that would otherwise go unnoticed.

So, what is StormyColor? It’s a love letter. It’s a testament to our belief that people view the world in drastically different ways and have the ability to share their visions beyond the norm. It’s a salute to some pretty fucking great filters.

But we aren’t here to tell you. We’re here to show you.